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Ground Coffee 100 % Arabica Mokaflor Blue 250 g
  • Ground Coffee 100 % Arabica Mokaflor Blue 250 g

Ground Coffee 50/50 Mokaflor Blue 250 g


This 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta coffee is offered by the Mokaflor roaster located in Florence in the Province of Tuscany.

It is part of the Mokaflor range which perfectly represents the tradition of espresso and Italian coffee.

This blend combines the sweetness of Arabica from Brazil and the intensity of Robustas from the Far East and Africa.

Arabica coffee is sweeter and more or less fruity compared to robusta which is stronger and bitter.

It is a vigorous body blend with a strong taste with a dense and persistent creaminess.

Ideal for cappuccino and latte.

Perfect for mocha (macchinetta) coffee maker

Format: 250 g beans.


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Makaflor was founded 1950 by Vasco Bernini and is located in Florence.

They offer a blend of coffee or mono-origin from 8 prestigious coffee producing places.

They select the highest quality grains in the various producing countries.

It begins the roasting phase only at the time of the order by the customer.

The roasting is done in a traditional way and lasts between 20 and 22 minutes depending on the variety.

Then the roasted coffee rests between 24 and 48 hours depending on the variety. This process allows it to remove all of its CO2 before it is packaged and shipped.

This mixture can be tasted in various ways (espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, long coffee "lungo", ...)

Data sheet

250 g
Blend 50% arabica and 50% robusta.
Country of production
Brazil, Ethiopia, Uganda, India.

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